Grooming  Your Silky Terrier

 Items Needed

1. pin brush

2. metal comb

3. scissors

4. good shampoo and cream rinse

5. Nail trimmers


Always start when you first get your puppy, it is always easier to created a good habit, then it is breaking a bad habit. You want your puppy to get use to combing and brushing, play with his feet ears , look at teeth , massage him all over to get him used to handling him. This will  set good habits that will last  a lifetime.

Brush you puppy twice a week using the pin brush then with the metal comb to get any small knots out. If the knots are too large clip out with the scissors.

Silkies do not shed but need to be brushed . Do not bath more then once  week as you will dry out the skin. You may use any good doggy shampoo. I also like people products containing a cream rinse. ( Pantene  sleek and smooth is  a good one)

Long hair on the ears which extends past the outline should be removed. Use small scissors and  hold ear  between your  index finger and thumb to protect the ears then trim going up NEVER down on the ear. If you are unsure of this ask a professional for help.

Feet should be trimmed around the outside to remove any overhanging hair, between the pads if needed. Trim nails also, being careful not cutting into the quick. 

The tail should be trimmed to about 1 in to 1 1/2 inches long.

Please contact  me for a more detailed grooming pamphlet





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